Not spring

The problem with August is that’s it’s not Spring, but it wants to be. It’s sunny most of the time and warm enough in the afternoon to sit outside and read a book, but you can still feel that nip in the air and by late afternoon you’re back inside, closing the house to the fresh air and getting the heat going again.

The problem with August feeling almost like spring, is that you want to start gardening. Now, there are a dozen things in the way of me actually doing any gardening right now even if it was full blown spring, but that aside, I want to garden. Why can’t I? Frost. Early morning frosts that lay sparkling white all over the ground. Now I’m told that frost is great for clay and clumpy soils as it helps to break it up, but it’s not so good for for seedlings or even trimming back my lavender bushes (frost can get inside the newly cut wood and split it – ouch!).

However, it is time to plant strawberries as the frost helps to harden them up (or so I’ve read).

So today, this week & the rest of August I plan:

  • Mulch circles around with new trees (with cardboard, compost, B&B and mulch/straw)
  • Begin digging the foundations for the vegetable beds (bricks due to arrive mid week)
  • Purchase strawberry plants
  • Plant strawberries around the new trees
  • Find and clean old seed raising trays and seedling boxes ready for planting
  • Figure out a house/seedling/furniture safe place to start growing seeds inside
  • Order bulk load of compost
  • Order seeds
  • Order bulk mulch & straw
  • Beginning edging the paths around the new trees with bricks
  • Learn to prune my fruit trees and know what and how to spray them with
  • Figure out how I’m going to pay for all of this…