Successes & disasters

I have cleared one particular area of garden beside the common house of all it’s weeds and it is now ready to compost and plant into again. I removed all of the old sprouting broccoli except two as they need to cross pollinate and I’d like harvest the seeds from these guys as they really did well. I’ve also left the lettuces as they were also really good producers and are just about ready to “bolt” (go to seed). I pulled up a golden beetroot without remembering what it was so I’m going to attempt to “can” it or preserve it like I would a red beetroot and see what happens. There are still bunching leeks, a few bunching onions and some spring onions coming up in that area so it will be interesting to see how they go. Now that the warmer weather will be starting up I’ll need to start watering that area again once I plant it out.

Now, the disaster.

I have had to scrap the cloak I had on the loom as it just became a hideous mess of tangle and bad tension.


I did attempt to fix the tension which just made the tangle worse and in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it and will start all over again. This time I’m going to try using a warping board (perhaps my inkle loom) and attempt a few techniques from my new weaving book and see how that turns out. I will however salvage the 30cm or so of weaving I did manage to achieve and start up a physical diary of my weaving. I’ll attempt to wash some of that weaving and see how it looks – it’s not finished unless it’s wet finished – apparently. I also need to wet finish my shawl and table runner, it will be interesting to see how they turn out too. First I need to acquire soap flakes.