Socks – part the last

I’ve finished Craig’s socks! I wrapped them up and gave him them for Yule (actually yule is tomorrow as far as this post is actually concerned, heehe).

Before wrapping:

Socks - Finished


Socks - Finished

I did manage to get him to take them off the other night, he wore them to bed and I placed my icicle feet between his warm thighs and then get a very sweet “Here honey, present for you” and he slipped off his socks and passed them over. <insert evil smug grin>

Navajo Plying

I’ve been playing with navajo plying today, plying one of my white singles as a test run. I’d like to use this technique to spin up the wool a dyed a few weeks ago as I only had 1 bobbins worth, I’m hoping there will be enough for a pair of fingerless gloves. The benefits for using navajo plying include:


  1. I only have 1 bobbin to work with
  2. No wastage
  3. The colours will stay spread out rather then blend together more
I’m told that this does make for a slightly weaker yarn then if it was a normal 3 ply, but I’m cool with that. My test yarn seems to be strong enough, it’s currently drying after being washed and and whacked.
And pictures:
Close up of Navajo ply you can see some of the loupe like structures in here (I think that’s from where I’ve started new loupes.) One of the things I found with this was that when your yarn is good and strong plying is a dream, if you have week points in the yarn then it’s a real bitch to ply as it breaks and you have to rejoin the yarn – which is kinda messy if you ask me.
Hanging to dry hanging out to dry.
And last but not least, a photo of the 1 completed Craig sock:
Completed sock I’m really rather pleased with myself. I’ve finished the ribbing on the second sock but I’m afraid it’s been almost a week since I’ve picked it up to knit since *bad me* I did take it with me on a few occasions, only to discover that (as usual) I had left the fourth dpn at home! I was really expecting this to be a lot harder then it was to do.
I’ve been making more bread this week also with great results. I’ve turned the fan off in the over, going for a hotter oven with a bowl of water in with it, this gives a MUCH softer crust which is fantastic. I really didn’t like the hard crust on the first batch of bread. I’ve found that my recipe does 2 large loaves and 6 rolls (which I burnt the tops of because I had them way to close to the top of the oven and forgot about them).
I’ve also had my loom out this week and finished off a small section – about half an hour or so worth of weaving, not much, but at least it’s something. I really want this project off the loom so I can start on my dishcloths, but I must finish it, even if it doesn’t motivate me. I’m using short lengths of weft so about ever second turn I have to start a new length, it’s just tedious. The fabric itself will like nice when it’s done though I think.
What else… Craig is busy in the garden when he can get a chance, planting broad beans, garlic and onions, building raised beds and generally getting his hands dirty. The driveways are being poured, the guys have been busy, not as busy as some of us would like and the seem to have a fear of getting damp, but certainly things are progressing and more then halfway finished. I’d say providing it doesn’t pour down rain everyday, they should be completely finished by the end of next week – yay! Earthsong is really starting to look less and less like a building sight and more and more like lush eco-neighbourhood. 


Socks – Part 3

I’m finally starting to progress a little further with my sock exploration today. Here’s what I’ve changed or learnt:


  1. I learnt “Long Tail Cast On” I used a youtube video from “Knit like a” this is the fastest and neatest way I’ve learnt to cast on stitches and I love it. It took me a while to get my head around, but now that I have it’s really easy = LEARN IT
  2. I cast on 60 stitches
  3. I changed my ribbing to k2p2
  4. I learnt that when you want to do stocking stitch on dpn like this, you ONLY do knit for every row (the “wright” side is always facing outwards)
  5. I learnt to use the “Continental knitting” style – this should so be the standard way to learn to knit, it’s much much faster. I’m still a little awkward with it, juggling the 4 dpn’s and all, but still – way faster!
Today’s progress photos:
You can almost see where the ribbing ends and the stocking stitch begins in this one:
Ribbing to stocking stitch
And in unrelated news, I had my hair cut and dyed 😉
My new hair style