Finally! Bread

I was given a lovely gift from a friend of a friend a few weeks ago, her German sourdough recipe and two jars of her starter. Well, I finally got a chance to make the bread and it works! Actually it worked a little too well and I ended up with overflowing tins and a sink full of dough, but I’m fine with that 🙂


The bread appears to have cooked up rather nicely, I just cut into it and I think it still needs a few more minutes of cooking – has a sort of doughey feel to it, but it looks good (and it rose!)

In other news, my sock is going well, I’ve turned the heel successfully (at least I think it’s successfully) and I’m now just pottering along knitting the length of the foot before I decrees for the toe.

Turned Heel


Socks – Part 2ish

So I’ve already frogged the sock. Why? Because I changed from my ribbing stitch (k2, p1) into a plain stocking stitch and ended up with a garter stitch line, so I thought I’d overlook that for now and keep going and a few rows down it happened again, I’m not really sure how because I’m certain I did a knit then a purl row consistently, I think there is a trick to turning to right and wrong sides of the knitting maybe that I’m not getting yet. I am getting more confidence using 4 DPN’s which was really the main reason for this sock. Lastly, when I pulled out the needles I did try on the sock, it would have been too small for Craig’s calf I think as it fitted me to just bellow mid calf quite comfortably.