Observation of seeds planted on 1st March

Pea, Lettuce, Broccoli and Beetroot are already sprouting their first leaves. I can see that some of the corn are also germinating. The lettuce seeds that I harvested on Friday are also coming up already in their dozens. I was told I would have to wait for about a week before anything happened but it looks like my seeds are all early risers.

Seedlings seem to be all perky in the planter box. From what I can see of the garden I planted at Joel and Judy’s, they seem to be perky. I need to inspect the carrots and see if they are coming up at all yet, apparently they like poor soil so I’m hoping they will do well.

Planted 2 large “seed” potatoes into the old compost bin with Buffie’s 3 or 4 that already have long stalks. We need to add more dirt but we might wait until the two new ones poke up some stems. Also planted a sweet potato (Kumara) about fist deep into the common garden beside her house.

Made another batch of the roasted cherry tomatoes, the ones in the bottom tray got too hot and burnt so I ended up with only half the batch and then I forgot to add the garlic chives!