Mid Winter – July 21

The longest night is almost upon us, and in the spirit of the year we are having a masked dinner here at Earthsong. To this end, we’ve decided to make our own masks.

We went out hunting in chemists and craft stores for plaster of paris, finally found some in the hardware store and have had an awesome two weeks (on Wednesday craft nights, and the odd night in between) crafting our masks. I don’t have any photos of the finished pieces though I’m afraid.


We cut up bandages into strips, covered them with plaster of paris and then set to work layering them onto the faces. We did around three layers I think. Ohh, and we put vaseline over the eyebrows, upper lips and along the hair line to ensure the hair didn’t stick to the plaster.


After the layers were completed we lay down in front of the fire to help the plaster dry.


A few of us thought we would all go as The Endless (from Neil Gamiman’s Sandman comic Endless Nights). Craig was Dream, I was Desire, Buffie was to Delirium, Kain was Destruction, Ines was Death, Robert was Despair and Luka was Destiny. (I’m afraid I had a migraine for most of the day and missed the majority of the actual event on the 21st).

Blowdry He you can see Helen blow drying Kain’s mask to help speed up the process (and some finished pieces in the background).

Buffie sans mask

Kain sans mask

Hehe, this is how we looked after mask removal, lucky it washes off easily.

Ohh, and a very fetching photo of me (the straws were so I could breath while Craig covered up my noes and moth, very uncomfortable I must say.