Settled at last!

Well its official – Craig and I are now compleatly homeless. Our house settled yesturday morning (Monday) at 11.30am, there are still nigly things to sort out monies wise.

We ended up settling the road issue with a 50/50 split, not ideal but better then what they were trying to get *grrr*

In brighter news, Lippy has some more photos for us of the construction so as soon as she is able to scan them I will upload them to the flickr site 🙂


So why is it things have to go sour?

Things were going so well, you will note the excitement and happyness in my last post and now the frustration and saddness!

Remember how I said “our settlement WILL got through on Friday” well it’s Friday, its 30mins after settlement was due to happen and it ain’t happanin, in fact the whole entire sale might go compleatly bust and its all crap! 😦

Why you ask? Well the purchasers have tried to wriggle out of the deal in regards to payment of a cuncil road scheme, because it wasn’t put in the contract, it was just a verbal understanding between all parties, they have been listening to a stupid lawyer wo has said something like “hay you know you don’t actually have to pay this, verbal deal or not” and so they have decdided now that they are not going to honour the verbal deal and are trying to make us pay for the $10k+ and its NOT RIGHT! they agreed, we set the price on that agreement and now its going to cost us a fucking fortune because we either have to pay the money or take them to court and end up paying more! We were nice to them, we bloody well gave them the time they needed to get their finances in order, we could have sold the house a dozen times over in the last month but we believed everyone was happy and all was good, we were all dealing wit each other in a nice happy way and then sddenly they do this! Everyone is telling me it’s ok, don’t worry about, I’m sure things will work out just fine, see we got them to admit they are pulling a dodgy, but did anyone get it in writting again? NO and so we are screwed and maybe things will work out – fine, great, grand but what if it doesn’t? I want to sell my bloody house! I don’t want to go through all of this again, I want it over and done with, I want to be settled and done.

But that’s not all folks – our brocker in NZ is crap and only sent us the happy page 1 of a fax from the mortgage lenders, he forgot somehow to include page 2 that listed 12 conditions that had to be met before the loan will be okayed, many of which they should have had from him already but when I contact them, I discovered they had basicaly nothing, our brocker pissed off on holidas for a week (which I discovered after ringing his mobile and being told NOT to leave a message). So I ran around collecting documents again, signing documents I had never even seen before and getting really cross with incompitant people who are supposed to be there to make my life easier! grrr (can you tell I’m not a happy girl today?)

Well I shall go before I say something I’ll regret! 😦

Take a deep breath and relax

sooooooooooooooo, over the last couple of months we have been busily doing a great many things, experienced a huge amount of emotional rollercoastering, stressed, jumped for joy and generally been run off our feet. Now we get to relax a little, why?

1. Rowany Festival is now over!
We now have our very own “on my way to festival” story, ours involves blowing a head gasket, a dear friend driving for 5 hours just to pick us up (from Yass to Holbrook and back again). Our car is still in Holbrook and will be undergoing repairs and will stay there until my dad gets around to picking it up – I am now officially and completely over the idea of owning my own car!
But… Festival was great fun, I didn’t have time to do half the things I wanted to do but that’s a good thing, I slept a lot, and Craig shot people a lot, so much fun was had by all 🙂
Craig received his Award of Arms (AOA) so he is now officially ‘Not Lord Emlyn ap Rhyss’ (very funny in-joke that I will not bother to explain). All the pics I took from the event are on my flickr site (see link into title)

2. We have sold our house!
A got a call from the realestate agent on Good Friday with confirmation of an offer, we signed all the paper work yesterday, the deposit will be paid on this coming Monday and settle on 17th May. It is contingent on a building inspection to be done today – only way it will fall through is if the house is structurally unsound or it has termites, and as far as we know non of this is the case, thus we have sold our house 🙂

Now all we need is the NZ banks to move faster, approve our loan so that we can complete our transactions, Craig can start working for himself and we can sit back and relax a little.

Other very cool thing for us at the moment is that while we have been waiting for our investment money to get transferred into our account so we can pay Earthsong our deposit (honestly, in this day and age of computer transactions why does it take them weeks to transfer the money!) but I was say…. good thing is that the NZ dollar is weakening which has cut another $10k off our mortgage – not good for New Zealand but good for us right now, keep dropping you’ll recover later 🙂

So for the most part things are really moving at the moment. I have my usual stress attacks – like will I have enough space in my new kitchen, are we going to have enough space in general, how am I going to deal with the total lack of space I have here with my inlaws (who are amazing and wonderful people and I only get stressed and upset when I’m grumpy with Craig and the world and want to be on my own but can’t because we only have 1 room).

Our original plan was to live here for only about 3 or 4 (at the most) months while we finalised bank loan stuff and Craig got set up, then we were going to fly off into the sunset and set up a temporary home in an Earthsong rental, but now, we are set to be here until our apartment is completed in December. Reasoning being that Carol and Ian are going for a holiday to the Greek Isles in September and thus we are looking after their house and Craig’s brother and so there is no point in moving into a rental (that may or may not be available then) for only 3 months *sigh, stress, cry, moan, grumble, stress some more, cry some more, sigh again and try to deal*

And that is about all I have for you all right now

Ohh so exciting

Not only is it official that our house is on the market, but we already have some very keen buyers interested. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite quick enough and hadn’t arranged the section 32 just yet so there will now be a short delay.

I really hadn’t expected things to be happening so fast – we spoke with the agent on Saturday, it went onto the websites on Monday and the paper yesterday (Wednesday), we had only just popped over late last night to do some final cleaning and put some things that we had just dumped in the lounge away, the wardrobe door had only be reinstalled yesterday – and I simply had not realised anyone would have been through the yet!

I don’t think anyone has actually put in an offer, the are waiting to see the section 32 first, but if there are interested buyers then that’s really good news for us (bidding war anyone??).

I’d like to not have to think about any of this realy until after Easter, but it would be a great buzz non-the-less if we could go away for Easter knowing that we had a buyer 🙂

The funds from our investment have transferred out and we are just waiting for them to clear in our access account, then we can arrange the initial deposit to Earthsong and send back all the forms to fully and compleatly secure our new home.

We have had some positive mumblings from our new brocker so here’s hopeing we have more success with the banks then we did with Prometheus – oh and apparently the NZ$ has fallen again making the AU$ stronger which is great news for us right now.

It’s Official

Our house is now officially on sale:

House For Sale

We have met with the Real Estate agent in Hurstbridge and our house will be listed for sale this week.

The decision has been made not to paint or do anything to the house as the agent does not believe it will raise the properties value enough to even recoup the costs. Although I was orginally very keen on the idea of painting the place and doing some gardening there, I am now very pleased that I will not have to do anything. The house can stay just as it is and still get us the same return.

Apparently houses are selling like hotcakes in Hurstbridge at the moment and the agent believes our place will sell very quickly – I hope he’s right!

Not much to report

Well there isn’t really that much for me to report at the moment, we are pretty much in a stand still mode waiting on others. I showed a very lovely woman (Katrina) around our house in Hurstbridge on Friday, she is very interested and has lots and lots of plans for the house, but her and her husband need to sort out financing stuff.

What they would really like to do is rent the house until September (when he becomes a really real train driver and not just a trainee) and then purchase the house. This suits us just fine, as long as we can get a deposit and a signed contract of sale from them. The hope is that we can have all of this sorted out by the end of this month – so that Craig and I don’t have to move into Hurstbridge or have anything further to do with it really. So we waite for them to organise finances.

We also have to wait on Promethius to get back to us on acceptance of our loan application.

Once we have our loan approved, we know what is happening with Hurstbridge, we can then send an email to Earthsong to advise them that we would love it if they could let us know when a rental comes up and then we can move asap. AHHHHHHHHH I hate waiting!

I am still packing and sorting things, finding out about shipping (apparently we need to ensure our container is near the bottom centre of the boat because they top ones are designed to fall off the boat if need be in rough seas!) and generally keeping busy until I know more.

The link in the title today will take you to my Earthsong flikr page, at the bottom I have added some pics from the Earthsong website of the site layout and concept plan stuff.

That’s all for now 🙂

Things are coming together

It looks like a few things are starting to fall into place.

This morning I listed our old bookcases and some books on Freecycle and the bookcases have walked out the door already and the books will be collected on Friday morning – Yay!

Our tenant has called me today to tell me that she will be paying the next 3 weeks worth of rent upfront but will be moving out before then. She is also washing all of the walls and ceilings for me which is great.

My friend Vanessa has offered to help me paint the house, which now means we can go there before Craig and I need to move in, get the painting done and then move in all our crap – I mean beautiful belongings 🙂

And… Prometheus (the loan company) has let us know that they have recieved our application and are currently reviewing it, so hopefully we will here back from them very soon.

Ahhh, I can’t wait! There is so much to do before we leave, I just hope there is enough regular stuff to do to keep me occupied between now and then!

Another big decision

Craig and I have come to the decision that we will sell our Hurstbrisge house 😦

What does this mean for us – in 28 days we will be moving back into our Hurstbridge house to get it ready for sale. We will then, hopefully, sell it within a month or two, have a short settlement date and move to Earthsong if a rental property is available or to Craig’s mum’s until we can move to Earthsong.

I would like to cut the costs of sale down as much as possible, I think it’s possible to sell our house through an agent but handle the viewing etc ourselves and they just do the publicity and paperwork. I believe this costs much less then having an agent show people around. I’d prefer this anyway, having buyers come direct to me, I like private sales, more personal.

Things to do to sell:

  • Scream, run around madly for a while, then calm down and get to work
  • Find out all costs in selling the property and what we need to sell it for to meet ALL those costs (stamp duty, taxes, agent fees, mortgage payout, beautification costs others I don’t know about yet)
  • Tidy the gardens
  • Paint the interior
  • Paint the outside windows

I hate making decisions on a Saturday because then I have to think and stress about them all day Sunday because I can’t start implimenting them until Monday! *sigh*

Ahh well, at least I’ll have something to do for the next few days – like repaking the boxes I just unpacked :-}


I just had a call from our tenant saying that she has found a house in Panton Hill (which are few and far between apparently) and she would like to move out. So…. now we have to find a new tenant to take over the lease, doable, just unexpected. At christmas she agreed to stay for another 12 months, unfortunatly we didn’t take the rental agreement for her to sign with us and I only posted it this week, it would have arrived in todays mail for her to sign, she was only offered the house yesturday – I didn’t even know she wanted to move back there 😦

Why is it that just when you think everything is going to come together something really crap happens to scare the hell out of you *sigh*

Here are some pics of Hurstbridge: the one with the path shows you the back of our house, the next one is a blury view of part of the main shops and the last one is a view up from the trainstation.