Raised Bed 1

We have created the first of the raised garden beds I would like to have around the rotunda garden. These are very basic beds, not built to last as yet but more to give people an idea of what they would be and give us something to play with now.

Raised Bed

Two wheelbarrow loads of dirt plus two bags of compost filled this bed (probably could have done with half a wheelbarrow more dirt).

I have planted it with a variation of “The Three Sisters” companion planting. Corn (early gem), climbing beans (Kentucky climbing) and Squash (or rather courgettes). The principle behind this is that the corn gives shelter and protection to the young beans and squash and stalks for the beans to grow up, the beans draw up nitrogen for the others and the squish provides ground cover, stopping weeds from growing. There may also be other benefits that I’m not currently aware of. I love these “guild” type plantings and would love to find more of them.

Three Sisters