Photos of our apartment

We finally have pics of the inside of our apartment, this is the view from our balcony and the inside of our kitchen (not sure what the green is all about around the stove and the wall though)…

We will probably be oiling the walls to bring out the earth textures and colour.

More pics here.

tickets are booked!

tickets are booked, tickets are booked, lalelade tickets are booked!
I have just booked and paid for our tickets to New Zealand, it is official we are flying out on a one-way ticket.

Date: 29 Dec 2006
Flight Number: QF0025
Deaprt: Melbourne @ 12.45pm
Terminal 2
Arrive: Auckland @ 6pm
Terminal I

Latest News

I have just learnt some new things about the construction of building I (the building our apartment is in), lofts are finished, end bedrooms are framed and weatherboards going on and south bedrooms are being framed.

Craig and I are planning to fly out around the 29th December, I still need to nuckle him down on the exact date and purchase the tickets. I’m still waiting to hear back from the shipping company about when the container will need to leave Oz. Idealy we would like it to arrive on the 30th December.

"A house with a roof with a roof with a roof"

We just got a pic of our apartment in Earthsong with the roof on!
Ok so our apartment is down the bottom end of the image (the roof with solar panels is a different block of units, so ours is the ones next to that)


We have just been informed that the last roof has gone up in Earthsong. This is actually the roof that covers our apartment block which means our apartment has a roof! It’s very exciting for us and hopefully we will have some photos soon!

Yay, new pics!

*bubbling excitment* we finally have some wonderful new pics of the construction of our Earthsong home. Patrick climbed the talest tree he could find to snap these.

So ours is the second floor apartment on the right

These are apartments 27-31 being built (ours is 28)

All done

Well, we have paid the final part of our deposit. We have heard from our brocker that we have green light on the loan approval so now all we have left to do is wait until the apartment is finished…

(have I mentioned how much I hate waiting for things?)

And we’re off…sort of

SO! We have now signed our contract with Earthsong for our apartment, had it witnessed by a JP and first thing Monday morning it goes into an express post envelope to New Zealand. We have approval in principle for our loan, settlement for the sale of our Hurstbridge house WILL be going through this Friday (19th May) and all we need to do now is get a cheque for NZ$60,000 for our deposit. Yay! things are actually really really happening. Craig will be able to give notice soon and start working for himself again (which is really really great), and within about 2 months from now we will be compleatly ready to leave at the drop of a hat (our appartment will be ready in 7 months).

Quick update

Craig and I had fun on Saturday, we went down to the park armed with red wool, a tap measure, tent pegs and house plans and created a scale version of our apartment (sorry I forgot to take the camera so no pics). It was a really fun experiement and really helped to give us a true idea of the size of our apartment which was fantastic. We now have a better idea of how much space we really have to play with, some further realisitc storage ideas and wonderful 3D visuals of how to play with the spaces – so again our excitment is mounting and Decemeber seems a lifetime away (but it’s May now so I can start saying it’s only 7 months away!)

There has been a short delay with true finality (not including settlement) on our Hurstbridge house, the people have had to delay things until the 5th as they haven’t recieved unconditional approval for their loan yet. Which really sucks for us because if they pull out now then we get didly! *grrr*

We had our forms all ready to send off to Earthsong and then realised that they had to be witnessed by a JP – oops, we were going to do it yesterday but forgot and now Craig is in Perth for the week (stupid work) so it will have to be delayed until next week *sigh* oh well if we get delayed any further we will be able to pay the full 20% in one go (providing our house settles on the 19th May as planed).

We have all the necessary paperwork to hand over to our NZ broker, why he couldn’t give us the paperwork to fill in and arrange at the start is beyond me, would have made the entire thing go much faster but instead the banks have looked at Earthsong, while we twiddled our thumbs, they like it, now the broker sends us the paper work (not specific to one bank their own companies standard forms for all the banks use) and so while we gather the required info the banks twiddle their thumbs *sigh*

What other news??? I’ve taken a casual job at Pumpkin Patch, probably not the smartest thing to do as it is taxing my energy more then I thought it would but I needed something to do that was useful, and I’m enjoying it so far.

Ok this is getting far to grumpy a post for my liking – you’ll have to forgive me but Craig left at 6am and it’s now 7.30am and he’s gone most likely for the week and I’m sad 😦

Phone call

I just got off the phone to Lippy in Earthsong and now I’m a little sad. Talking to her and hearing all about some of the wonderful community things that are happening in Earthsong, hearing about what happens in meetings (the little details that don’t make it into the minutes), coupled with my own daydreams just makes me want to be there all the more. There are all these things happening without me, decisions are being made, fun is being had and friendships being made that I have to wait for an unspecified amount of time to be a part of *sigh* I know I know, good things come to those who wait, patience is a virtue, focus on the good things you have right now, blady baldy blah blah *grin*

Ok focus on the good things – focus on my pottery classes! 1 class down and I’m hooked. If I actually create anything interesting I’ll take a pic otherwise I’ll just hide them in a box in a dark place 🙂