Taupo Holiday

Lake Taupo We have returned from our holiday in Taupo where we tried out our new kayak. CraigWe sailed around Lake Taupo from Acacia Bay to see the the Maori hand carvings, amazing! Large carvingGods   right side Even better was the fact that being in our kayak we were able to go right up to the wall and see everything in detail while all the horrid, noisy powered boats had to stay back.The following day we sailed up and then down the river (which I’ve forgotten the name of right now). This was great fun, we saw a dozen or so trout  jumping, scarred off some ducks Ducks in flight and become part of some amorous dragonfly play -> love hearts even Dragon Fly Heart. I’ve decided that the world will be such a lovely place when petrol is way too expensive for people to come out on the power boats and destroy the lovely tranquility of the water.It is a truly beautiful country that we have chosen to live in, and I’m very appreciative of this fact.