Socks – Part 3

I’m finally starting to progress a little further with my sock exploration today. Here’s what I’ve changed or learnt:


  1. I learnt “Long Tail Cast On” I used a youtube video from “Knit like a” this is the fastest and neatest way I’ve learnt to cast on stitches and I love it. It took me a while to get my head around, but now that I have it’s really easy = LEARN IT
  2. I cast on 60 stitches
  3. I changed my ribbing to k2p2
  4. I learnt that when you want to do stocking stitch on dpn like this, you ONLY do knit for every row (the “wright” side is always facing outwards)
  5. I learnt to use the “Continental knitting” style – this should so be the standard way to learn to knit, it’s much much faster. I’m still a little awkward with it, juggling the 4 dpn’s and all, but still – way faster!
Today’s progress photos:
You can almost see where the ribbing ends and the stocking stitch begins in this one:
Ribbing to stocking stitch
And in unrelated news, I had my hair cut and dyed 😉
My new hair style