tickets are booked!

tickets are booked, tickets are booked, lalelade tickets are booked!
I have just booked and paid for our tickets to New Zealand, it is official we are flying out on a one-way ticket.

Date: 29 Dec 2006
Flight Number: QF0025
Deaprt: Melbourne @ 12.45pm
Terminal 2
Arrive: Auckland @ 6pm
Terminal I

And the end (or is it the beginning?)

We arrived in Auckland, tired, hot and preparing emotionally to go home. I think our subconscious had said “that’s it, the holiday is over I want to go home”. So as you can probably guess, we were not overly impressed with our first impressions of Auckland. As far as we were concerned right then, it was just another city (it is the largest city in NZ and is kind of like a mini Sydney, compleate with harbour bridge). We spent a lot of time driving around Auckland, we visited the city a few times, visited a beach (that was really odd, it’s the first time I have ever seen a beach with black rather then white sand), and finally got to spend an afternoon at Earthsong! When I said Craig and I almost decided to move to Wellington, the reason we decided not to is because we are moving to Earhtsong. We (providing the funding comes through) will be purchasing a lovely wonderful studio apartment overlooking the whole village, and we are excited and I just want it to happen now!

Our apartment is still in the construction phase and want actually be finished until Xmas, but we are hopping that a rental property will become available before then (in about 3 or so months for Craig’s wishes, tomorrow for mine). It’s an amazing, beautiful place that is just what we want and need. We had said to ourselves after a day in Auckland, that Earthsong would have to be pretty special for us to decide to move here, thinking that it wouldn’t happen, but…. it’s pretty special!

We (grudgingly) had to leave Earthsong at 5.30pm as we were due for dinner with the Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Ildhafn (our new SCA home). We were delightfully surprised to be treated to a lovely roast dinner (chook, my favorite), and (not surprisingly) lovely company.

Basically we have left NZ on a huge high. The entire experience (except the jet boat) was wonderful, the people are great, the sights stunning and Earthsong is magical, now I’m doing everything I can to fill up my days so that time shall pass quickly and we can return.

I hope you liked readying this account of our holiday, and when new and exciting things take shape I shall endeavor to add them to this blog.

Take care and have a lovely life.