House update

IMG_1561Lounge room – gib is up

IMG_1563 Looking up the stairwell – installing gib

IMG_1564Looking into the kitchen from the dinning space (& that’s Croydon, our master builder)

IMG_1565The cubby space under the stairs

IMG_1566Those are the stairs, one set on the ground on it’s side, the other in place

IMG_1567Another peek up the stairwell

IMG_1568Drain layers installing the grey water system

IMG_1569They dug a huge moat around the the whole house

IMG_1570 It was a little worrying to see them dig up so much of flat yard and pile the dirt up

IMG_1571More pipage

IMG_1578Cola 🙂

IMG_1595Stairs! Oh beautiful stairs.


IMG_1598Picking out the curtainage 🙂

Our eco life: Atamai Open Day 2013


Kyoko, Ayane & Tracey

Our eco life: Atamai Open Day 2013.

via Our eco life: Atamai Open Day 2013.

My role for the day was to sit in that chair and look decorative, I think I did pretty well for such a hard task 😉

We had a really lovely day, weather & people wise. The end of the day was equally lovely, just being able to hang out with the villagers sharing a huge order of fish and chips and chatting about how the day went. The other awesome part of the day for me was getting to cuddle with Ayane for most of the day. Ahh, living in community is awesome.