Planter Box

Our planter box is finished and full of dirt. We used the dirt that is available on site. It’s dead so it needs to be worked. After a few loads of dirt we added a full bucket of Bokashi and then added more dirt onto that. We also watered each layer of dirt and I emptied half a bag of organic potting mix onto the top layer before planting my seedlings. Rosemary and I are planning to make up some comfrey tea (I think she said it will take about 3 weeks to ferment, and be ready for use). I believe that this box will need a lot of love and food for a while to get the dirt full of new life (maybe I should throw in some worms too…) I’m hoping that after a few plantings it will be full of life and you wont recognise it’s soil.

Buffie and I harvested 2.5kg of carrots from her garden today. It was just a small patch and there was only about 2 actually straight ones. All the rest had weird and wonderful shapes and extra limbs and strange bodies. Many of them had been transplanted at some stage and so they appeared to have restarted growing, leaving a bit of a bulb at the head. We have cut them all up and popped them into my freezer. We also made roasted cherry tomatoes with thyme, oregano, salt & pepper, elephant garlic and olive oil. Popping them into a jar and filling that with more olive oil. I intend to do more of these this week.

Planter Box

Planting and seed saving

Seeds/Seedlings planted in Joel and Judy’s garden (bad soil with a little organic potting mix)
Carrots        Yellow Austrian                    .5 Packet
Beetroot        Bulls Blood                        6 Plants
Cabbage        Palm Cabbage                        6 Plants
Broccoli        Sprouting Broccoli                    6 Plants
Spring Onion                                    7 Plants

I harvested two types of lettuce seeds from the garden today. Taking the fluffy topped heads and the yellow flowered heads. I removed the flower body, revealing the little seeds (black seeds in one variety and white seeds in the other). I scattered these into separate seedling trays with organic seed raising mix.

I have also cut about a foot off one lettuce, this had many flowers coming up, some almost coming up to flower and a few fluffy heads. The theory is that if I hang it upside down there is still food in the stem to bring the remainder of the flowers to seed. I’ll collect these seeds and bottle them up for later this year.

First seeds

Seeds planted into organic seed raising mix
Lettuce Heirloom Mix Lactuca sativa 1 packet (100)
Celery Nutty Abium ga veolens 1 packet (100)
Corn Early Gem Zea mays 1 packet (40)
Broccoli De Cicco Brassica oleracea 1 packet (100)
Beetroot Golden Bete vulgaris 1 packet (100)
Pea Southland Snow Pisum sativum 1 packet (30)
Pea Te Anau Pisum sativum 1 packet (20)
Silverbeet Rainbow Chard Beta vulgaris 1 packet (80)