I have just recieved 2 quotes for us to ship Bootlace to New Zealand, $700 and $1225! Considering our tickets will only cost about $220 each I’m in total shock. I’m glad I don’t have to go through the crap that he will have to undergo, we will be seperated for 3 days before the flight and we want even be able to see him again until we arrive in Auckland 😦

Well, at least he can come 🙂

Not much to report

Well there isn’t really that much for me to report at the moment, we are pretty much in a stand still mode waiting on others. I showed a very lovely woman (Katrina) around our house in Hurstbridge on Friday, she is very interested and has lots and lots of plans for the house, but her and her husband need to sort out financing stuff.

What they would really like to do is rent the house until September (when he becomes a really real train driver and not just a trainee) and then purchase the house. This suits us just fine, as long as we can get a deposit and a signed contract of sale from them. The hope is that we can have all of this sorted out by the end of this month – so that Craig and I don’t have to move into Hurstbridge or have anything further to do with it really. So we waite for them to organise finances.

We also have to wait on Promethius to get back to us on acceptance of our loan application.

Once we have our loan approved, we know what is happening with Hurstbridge, we can then send an email to Earthsong to advise them that we would love it if they could let us know when a rental comes up and then we can move asap. AHHHHHHHHH I hate waiting!

I am still packing and sorting things, finding out about shipping (apparently we need to ensure our container is near the bottom centre of the boat because they top ones are designed to fall off the boat if need be in rough seas!) and generally keeping busy until I know more.

The link in the title today will take you to my Earthsong flikr page, at the bottom I have added some pics from the Earthsong website of the site layout and concept plan stuff.

That’s all for now 🙂

Things are coming together

It looks like a few things are starting to fall into place.

This morning I listed our old bookcases and some books on Freecycle and the bookcases have walked out the door already and the books will be collected on Friday morning – Yay!

Our tenant has called me today to tell me that she will be paying the next 3 weeks worth of rent upfront but will be moving out before then. She is also washing all of the walls and ceilings for me which is great.

My friend Vanessa has offered to help me paint the house, which now means we can go there before Craig and I need to move in, get the painting done and then move in all our crap – I mean beautiful belongings 🙂

And… Prometheus (the loan company) has let us know that they have recieved our application and are currently reviewing it, so hopefully we will here back from them very soon.

Ahhh, I can’t wait! There is so much to do before we leave, I just hope there is enough regular stuff to do to keep me occupied between now and then!

Another big decision

Craig and I have come to the decision that we will sell our Hurstbrisge house 😦

What does this mean for us – in 28 days we will be moving back into our Hurstbridge house to get it ready for sale. We will then, hopefully, sell it within a month or two, have a short settlement date and move to Earthsong if a rental property is available or to Craig’s mum’s until we can move to Earthsong.

I would like to cut the costs of sale down as much as possible, I think it’s possible to sell our house through an agent but handle the viewing etc ourselves and they just do the publicity and paperwork. I believe this costs much less then having an agent show people around. I’d prefer this anyway, having buyers come direct to me, I like private sales, more personal.

Things to do to sell:

  • Scream, run around madly for a while, then calm down and get to work
  • Find out all costs in selling the property and what we need to sell it for to meet ALL those costs (stamp duty, taxes, agent fees, mortgage payout, beautification costs others I don’t know about yet)
  • Tidy the gardens
  • Paint the interior
  • Paint the outside windows

I hate making decisions on a Saturday because then I have to think and stress about them all day Sunday because I can’t start implimenting them until Monday! *sigh*

Ahh well, at least I’ll have something to do for the next few days – like repaking the boxes I just unpacked :-}