Spending money

I’ve just ordered the new 5dpi and 12.5 dpi reeds for my 32″ rigid heddle loom and a 1kg bag of carded wool. With any luck they will all arrive tomorrow *much excitement and bouncing* The wool is so that we can have a play with the drop spindles and also for a future pillow case weaving project I want to do (because you can never have enough planned projects).

This morning for breakfast we had a yummy treat, I left a loaf of bread to rise overnight and served us a few warm fresh out of the oven slices slathered in butter and topped with poached eggs for breakfast this morning- oh yum.

This afternoon’s craft plans are to sit down at my loom and finish off the table runner I had started a few weeks ago. I’m not going to allow myself to open my new package when it arrives tomorrow unless that table runner is finished!

As for my crochet blanket, I’m onto the last “square” for this strip. I’m still not sure if I will do 1 or 2 more strips after this is finished, but I do know I need to get more wool no matter what I decide, this has really taught me the value of testing your gauge before starting a project, I would have used less wool in the end if I had have switched to a smaller hook. Its so strange, I knit super tight and crochet loose, I’m not used to that. Anyway, I do like the feel of my blanket at it’s current gauge so I’m not terrible annoyed with it.

Right now, lunch and then to weaving.

Drop Spindle Spinning

I have two drop spindles that I haven’t used and I have a desire to start playing with them (for lack of my spinning wheel) but I’m having a little trouble locating some non costly wool. It’s going to have to be pre washed and carded unfortunately as I no longer have carders. I just want to spin darling!

Drop Spindle