The Fiona’s and I have a pact, on Thursday’s we are going to make cheese or preserves or other homesteady type activity as needs doing. This week we made 3 Gouda’s. One with cummin and two plain, there be plans to make more flavoured ones. This cheese takes 2-3 months to mature so we plan to make another batch of them in a few weeks time so that we have a constant supply. We have two cheese presses between us now so there are also plans to make other hard cheeses, parmesan, cheddar etc.

Gouda is actually a pretty easy cheese to make, it took us 4 hours or so (most of that time is spent waiting around for the next stage). The cheese remained in the press overnight, then went into brine yesterday for about 24 hours. Tonight I’ll take it out of the brine, dry it off and set it out to start forming a crust. This takes a couple of days, then you start basting it with olive oil over a few more days before it finally just gets put away to mature.

Must rush, I have a massage appointment to keep 😉