(About) Kia Ora & Welcome

Greetings from the North Island of New Zealand, and welcome to Pioneering on the home front.

pioneering |ˌpīəˈniri ng | adjective involving new ideas or methods

This is a blog primarily about one couples goal to move towards a self-sufficient, sustainable way of life.

At the end of 2006 Craig and Tracey moved from Melbourne, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand in an attempt to live more sustainbly. That move took them to Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood in West Auckland where they currently live in a rammed earth, studio apartment. Earthsong is a community of 32 households, built with environmental, sustainable and permaculture principles as the guiding force.

Unfortunately Earthsong is not big enough to pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle, and is instead a stepping stone to the greater goal. These pages will contain other glimpses into this evolving goal and hopefully one day it will be filled with the fulfillment of that goal.

The things you are likely to find here will be varied, but will include fiber crafts (spinning, weaving, crochet etc), gardening (mostly from a permaculture/organic perspective), woodworking, cooking, photography, plans, thoughts, reflections, hints, reminders and probably a great deal more.

Please feel free to comment, add your advise, suggestions or ask questions.

Earthsong by night