Pretty pretty spring

Not a hugely productive few months around here as far as the garden goes. We had some hold ups with building the raised beds and a holiday to Australia and the village open day all took their toll.

We did, however, with the help of the gorgeous Nicole get one of the flower beds dug and planted out as well as a bunch of herbal tea plants planted in under the liquid amber.

This last weekend Craig has managed to get one of the new veg beds half full of dirt and compost. We still have a few more drainage holes to drill out (which only needs to be done for the first two beds and can be avoided for those not yet built with this new plan).


Flower bed placement:


Dug and and filling back in:

Plant shopping 🙂

Snug in their new bed of paper and mulch

Final prettyness. The white stick near the end of the bed is a marker for a larger flowering shrub yet to be decided on.

And the littlies get out and enjoy the sunshine too:


I think this is the first time Pip has actually gotten out his cricket set since last Christmas.
Photos from the Atamai Open Day can be found here:

Open Day (Photographer: Hemon Dey)

A few highlights of just our family:

Me enjoying the start of the afternoon as folks began arriving

Craig showed off some of his woodworking skills before leading people on a tour of our house:

Tour group #1 (of 3)

I hardly saw Pip at all on the open day, he was way too busy being a free range kid.

Freerange kid

Nicole (our stella WWOOFer)

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