August and the last of winter

This month, so far, has been my favorite I think (even though it’s less than a week in). It’s just been such a warm, sunny, productive, fun week.

Not only did we start planning out the design for the main part of the garden on the platform:
Untitled Untitled Untitled

BUT! We also purchased two wonderful trees that were delivered yesterday. We managed to get one of them planted today with the help of our new WWOOFer Edouard (who, by-the-way, made us croissants while we were out this morning).


UntitledLiquid Amber

UntitledThe planting begins.

UntitledTree in, sun setting, lovely.

On the cuddly side of life, Bootlace is starting to show his age of late, he’s even more of a warm snuggly cat then before (if that’s possible)



On the crafty side of life. I made Pip a Jack Frost costume (ala Rise of the Guardians):



This was all in honour of his school friends “Frozen” themed birthday party (’cause what’s a party without getting Jack Frost and Elsa together, I mean, really).
Even Craig got in on the action (thanks Sven)

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