Week in the Life – Day 07

Sunday is all about the market, but first I have to get these two out of bed, it’s just so hard when we are all so warm and snuggly.

The view from my bedroom window, one of the few things I do like about this current house.


One awake, one to go:


A moment of quiet contemplation:


Our pajama bundle as we hurry to get dressed and out the door.


This is what Sunday breakfast is all about, bratwurst



A little retail therapy


Freezing cold berry smoothie, so good, but so cold!


Just about my most favorite food in the world and one I have desperately missed getting a regular fix of since we moved to New Zealand, you do not know how happy I am now that they are available at my very own Sunday market. And, there good!


We did head over to the property for a while, I spent the first half hour or so resting in the car before being joined by William. The wind really picked upand we ended up heading back home by lunchtime. William watched Peter Pan (Disney classic), Craig worked, and I slept. The afternoon snooze was enough of a pick-me-up to get some chicken and potato wedges into the oven to roast for dinner with a yummy salad. Even William will now eat the some salad greens, it seems his favorite type of vegetable is that which is un-cooked (and even better is fresh picked from the garden).

We wound the evening down with a shower for William, Daddy was even so organised as to dry his hair.


The pile of clean washing still to be put away, it’ll keep.


The bookabag. We try to get to the library once a week, or fortnight and bring home about 14 books each visit. Reading stories before bed is a very important part of the evening routine, no matter how late it is.


Tonights toy of choice from the overflowing toy basket was Amigo. The story was “A New Home for a Pirate”.


Blissful bedtime and the end of the weekend and my Week in the life project.


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