Week in the Life – Day 06

The cat is curled up on my left, child sideways so he can stay in contact with both his parents, and daddy squished to the far right – all of them soundly sleeping as I lay in the rising light of the morning reading about flash fiction and scanning Facebook in bed. This is our start to the weekend.
In a few hours the boys will be off to an Atamai working bee and then the plan is to do more work on my little studio. This feels like the first weekend we’ve had in months. The promise of sunshine is the key.

When the boys finally wake, we have nursery rhymes in bed, mummy sticks to the classics, William creates stories of his own combination and daddy filks classics (generally involving moose).

Break in the working bee while Bob brings across the sheep to new grazing ground.


Morning sunshine with coffee and croissant in what will be our kitchen.




Snippets of time to read


William’s off to play with friends across the way while Craig works diligently on my studio:


It’s the little things that can bring us joy and make us smile:


Evening in bed playing with photos thus far for the project:

Day 06 screen grab

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