Week in the life – Day 05

William was a little unconvinced about returning to school after a week away, but as soon as we got inside and he saw the other kids about to start their morning activity he was off and into it.

Catching Stars


We headed home via the house site, bit of a treat to go up in the scissor lift whilst talking to my big sister and admiring the view.


Kilt shadows


The working morning begins


And more meetings


We returned to the house site at the end of the afternoon to be greeted with the last part of the main house frame – our lounge room. All the bones are complete. I just remembered a conversation from yesterday with William how I mentioned the frame was the houses bonesand he took it further with the windows would be the eyes, the door the mouth and when the wrap it with the paper, that will be the muscles and the wood on the outside will be the skin.



I’m so in love with this house.


A wonderful end to the day with salmon, mashed potatoes, salad and a glass of wine (for Craig at least)


That was our Friday.


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