Week in the Life – Day 04

Today is the big day, our house frame is going up!

There was no delay allowed this morning. Craig had us all out of bed and out the door to be on site by 8am! No time for breakfast even, he swung past the bakery and picked up plain croissants and coffee to be eaten in the car (I think he’s excited).


Yesterday the builders put together a part of the second story frame and gathered all the other jigsaw pieces ready for the arrival of the crane.


Craig got his hard hat and safety car, he was going to be a part of this build no matter what!


I observed all from the safety and comfort of the car (croissants, cuddles and a mocha to keep me happy).


At every stage of the build I took photos and updated my facebook page to keep our friends and family in the loop. My dad was pretty thrilled to be able to have a skype video chat and see some of the work as it progressed.


Safety chats and machine organisations came first:


But within minutes the first wall was being lifted into place:


William was in and out of the car most of the morning, interested in some stages but mostly off in his own creative world:


“There’s a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall…”



Second story being lifted as once piece into place:



At one point today the crane driver noticed that William and the builders children (who had come to watch with raising with their mum) were struggling with the little digger. He took the time to grab some oil and get the machine into working order once more. My favorite people are those who take the time to help out kids, listen to their needs and not just disregard them.


Building sites have some fantastic things to play with:



Here comes the roof trusses:

We took lunch with the SantaBarbara’s before heading back down to our site and finding all the trusses neatly lined up.


The framing for the roof was lifted into place as well, savings a great deal of time and making things much safer for the builders who now don’t have to spend hours up in scaffolding with fiddly tools and bits of wood.


We did have a minor accident today, William misjudged how long his legs were and how high the trailer was and ended up in tears. He was so beside himself that he ended up vomiting all over himself which just added insult to injury really. Poor wee mite.

By early afternoon William and I were done and headed back home for a great deal of resting in front of the tv. Craig stayed on site with the builders till the frame was complete.


We ended the evening with chinese takeaway.

Favorite Moments:

Watching this house frame go up after so many years of waiting was the highlight of my year, and yes, I cried.

William to Craig when he came over to chat – “Daddy, get back there and build!”

William listening in on adults talking about him – “I’m not precious!”


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