The ground work

So, while I’m sitting in the lounge room of the youth hostel, waiting for the hours to pass before I can return home to my boys, I thought I’d take a moment to share a few photos.

The house build has begun and by the end of next week we should have a finished slab floor. We’ve opted for a polished slab in the downstairs area of the house, mostly because it’s the cheapest option but that’s not to say it’s not a lovely option. We will be tying the house into the area with local river rocks (large and small rounds) as part of the mix and I really think the finished product will be stunning.

The last few weeks have involved pouring the piles (or stumps as they are called in Australia).

I had planned an treating our master builder, and friend, to a picnic lunch with us and his daughter who I was looking after during some of the school holidays. It was unfortunate that lunch time also coincided with the arrival of the cement trucks and so it was all hands on deck and go go go. Not that the kids minded.

School holidays over and the boxing was installed (forgive me if I get the building terms mixed up, I’m still learning all the lingo).

While I’ve been away, I’m told that much of the plumbing has now been laid and the underfloor heating coils (connected to the wetback of our Wamsler combustion oven) will be laid on Wednesday and the slab poured Thursday/Friday.

The white stuff is the insulation layer

The slab will just sit there curing for a couple of weeks at this point. The timber frame for the house has all been completed and is waiting in lovely piles ready to be assembled on site.

So yeah, proof that we are making progress 😉

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