Satsuma Plums

Sharon has just harvested a load of Satsuma plums from the community orchard, I’m so excited that these are the red fleshed variety of plums that I dream about. We had a tree across the road from my school when I was just a wee little thing. After school we would rush over the road and climb into it’s branches and gorge on these delectable fruits – until the council started to spray all the roadside trees and we were no longer allowed to eat them 😦

I actually don’t recall the last time I had the pleasure of eating one of these plums so I’m so very excited that I’ll have a chance to grab a few kilos to preserve as well as eat fresh.

I’m going to preserve them nice and simply like in the link for Canning with kids. Making pies this winter out of these plums will (as Pip would say) “make me super happy”.

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