Tea Towels

I really didn’t think the 30/2 cotton was getting onto the loom, but it’s there with only a few tension issues (a tension box or an AVL warping wheel would have made this much smoother). I’ve finally had a chance to sit and weave, fiddling around with tension issues, catching threads, making a temple and what-not, I’ve managed to do 1/4 of a tea towel this evening (it’s only taken me about 2 hours!) I really need to weave a tea towel from throwing that first pic to throwing the last in significantly less then that time then that – possible? I hope so.

As you can see from these photo, things are progressing, the pattern is developing (although not quite how I expected from the software rendition), and I’m enjoying using only white and natural.

I have several patterns to tryout so each of these tea towels will be in a different pattern. I also have a bunch of 22/2 cottolin colours I want to try so I’m sure I’ll be mixing up the white and natural with the rust, green, blue and brown. I also have a small quantity of Thai cotton that I’d like to incorporate (but then I might use them in a different warp).

After searching the net for various homemade temple ideas, I have to say that this one I’ve chosen to try is working pretty well, although the better and the bulldog clips do clash if they get too close (I would like them closer then they like to be).

(bulldog clip tied to a 100gm bag of rice)

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