Muscles & clam pasta feast

Wow, from nothing much happening we’ve suddenly been going hammer and tongs in homesteading type activities. In a delightful twist to our Sunday afternoon scheduling, we ended up at the beach down the road with friends harvesting muscles, clams and even a few pippis. Hugh (of River Cottage fame) would have been proud. We managed to get a substantial enough hoard of sea goodies to make an amazing pasta dinner.

There really is nothing finer then eating a feast of food harvested and cooked by your own hands. The only way to have improved this dish would have been to make the pasta ourselves (we ran short of time, but next time for sure).

First I washed the shell fish in the laundry sink, getting rid of excess sand. Then I steamed them open in batches (discarding any that didn’t open). I then scooped out the insides and pulled the beards off the muscles. A dash of riesling to complete the reduction, pasta into a pot of boiling water and voila! A meal to drool over.

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