Busy, busy

Things have been plodding along nicely around the homestead. We’ve had a few ups and downs of late, the downs being that we are down to 1 duckling out of 11! Damn hawk! No chicks (not sure if I mentioned that they vanished after about day 3) and number 1 rooster killed number 2 rooster (number 1 rooster is now counting the days…). The ducks found that they really really like bean leaves so they have happily stripped all our bean plants of their leaves and flowers, at least they left us the beans *sigh* All those adorable little kiwi fruits I photographed a little while back have all vanished, most likely dropped off due to a sudden heat wave or something so we only have what is now starting to form on the slower second climber. I noticed some of the wild blackberries in surrounding areas have started to flower so I must remember to check our wild bushes around the property, I’d love to get a good blackberry stash this season, yum!

We have been enjoying our glut of beans and are now into zucchinis! They will join all the other bits of preserving we’ve been doing and become all sort of yummy delectable for future eating when there are no more in the garden. We’ve made some wonderful mixed berry jams (purchased ingredients I’m afraid), Lemon and Orange cordial (sooo yummy), amazing strawberry sauces (on purpose ones and the accidental jam not setting so now we have sauce), orange marmalade, beatroot chutney and in vinegar (ala slices for your burgers) and lastly some Scottish shortbread. 

Loads of new seeds and thus seedlings have been making the circuit through the green house to the garden beds, the main beds are SLOWLY but surely coming along and we’ve almost kept ahead of the planting. I’m very excited, B and I grew pink Hopi corn (great for grinding I’m told) last year and I just planted a massive quantity of the seed about 3 days ago and they are already starting to sprout, we thought that they might not do anything. So it will be great to have our normal sweet corn picked by the time the pink Hopi starting to mature (no cross contaminating of the DNA so we can save seed). If all goes well in the garden we should have a nice little supply of corn, amaranth and quinoa, all yummy grains that B can eat. It will be interesting to see how much we grow, and thus how much flour we can grind from them.

We’ve learnt a lot over the last few months since moving here, we now know not to let the poultry raise their own young, that ducks can do just as much (or more) damage in the vegetable patch as chickens, we seriously need to plant more peas, it really is worthwhile planting things in the greenhouse prior to warmer weather outside, our glass house and green house are way too small for our needs, and much more that I’m probably not even aware of right now.

Life for the most part is plodding along very nicely I must say. B’s been doing some sewing, Craig has been banging away in the wood shop and I’ve finally gotten around to buying some fiber dyes. Summer is a lovely time for being busy, watching everything grow and still having hours in the day for a good balance of work and play.

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