Spring blessings

In case anyone was wondering as to “why” I’ve been under the weather of late, I thought I might introduce you to Sprocket.


Sprocket is just about 12 weeks old and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Although Craig is still a little confused as he spent most of the time looking at the wrong screen and is convinced this is what’s in my tummy:

In other news, the ducks eggs have hatched and we have 11 little ducklings (photos to come) and the chicken has hatched 3 eggs, a yellow, a black and a speckled black & yellow (although last night we could only find 1 so we are a little worried now). The poor geese are still sitting on their nests, it’s so sad. And the hawk has been spotted trying to get the ducklings but Craig and the geese (the non broody two) saved the day!


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