What’s cooking

We recently purchased a new freezer, our new freezer is big enough to hold a couple of bodies and it’s fantastic! It’s also meant that we could actually start making a lot of homemade freezer foods, extra meals and treats and have room to spare to store them. In that light Buffie (and me when I’ve had the energy) have been cooking a few things just to stock the freezer. I made Pumpkin soup on the weekend ready to be served up with some homemade yogurt for lunch (yum!).

Buffie’s collection, however, includes samosa’s


apple & blueberry parcels

 jam tarts.

Buffie has a wheat allergy so we haven’t been able to make our own pastry for these shared items just yet, but we will be working on it. The pastry that we have found and adore is made with potato flour and it tastes great in both sweet and savory dishes.

 (Lemon meringue pie, my favorite and lasts nights pudding).

The eventual goal is to fill the freezer with home-kill meats as well as frozen vegetables, meals and snacks so that we can improve the quality of food we eat, limit the additives, cut down on costs and simply enjoy the experience of growing, preparing and eating our own products.


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