Crafting Update

Among all the gardening and income earning, there has also been a little crafting or at least crafting prep, going on.


For a few weeks I’ve been designing and warping up my 4-shaft loom to weave a small blanket using all 4 shafts for the design (meep). It’s taken me a while simply to get the warp on and off my warping board in a couple of bouts using methods from Peggy Osterkamps books. I’ve now reached the stage where the warps are spread out on a raddle attached to the back of my loom. I’m hoping that today I might feel up to actually winding the warp onto the loom and start threading the headles *fingers crossed*

(the red, blue & pink bands are hair ties holding the threads into their 1/2″ slots on the raddle. There are 4 threads per slot. 2 lease sticks hold the cross and a 3rd is inserted into the end loops.



Now that the winter rains have passed, Craig has been able to get easy access to the big shed down the back and he’s spent a bit of time recently getting it all set up for hand tool work. I still haven’t gone down in person to see it but it looks fantastic from the photos (makes me jealous, can I kick him out and turn it into a weaving studio do you think *grin*).

His main woodworking project of late has been to build 2 work benches. One for himself and one for the Earthsong shed. I’m not sure if this is the workbench or the metal working bench he and Kain are building so that they can build a wind turbine.


And I think I’ve caught up on just about everything that is going on around here right now.

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