Post #3 – Eggs

I mentioned that we discovered our goose and duck nests a little while ago and thought I should upload a few photos.

This little girl is very broody and hasn’t left the nest in a week. I feel so sorry for her that there will be no little babies but we do have plans of getting a gander as soon as we can find one.

Fortunately this stroppy little girl leaves her eggs and feeding time so we can take the new ones. But you should here the ruckus she makes when the theft is discovered. 

The ducks found a wonderful hiding place on the other side of the paddock to the geese.

We’ve found some great recipes for the eggs, our main concern is that we don’t know when most of them were laid, or how long they last so we are being very tentative about cracking them open into separate bowls and ensuring that they are cooked properly.

From left to right, little chicken egg (either from what I think is a bantam or from the young shaver (dotty the demented chicken, poor girl is a little deformed and we are not sure if it’s a birth defect or if the horse kicked/stepped on her as she does like to peck around under him while he’s eating), next we have a normal chicken egg, a duck egg and a goose egg.

Eggs have porous shells, so you can’t wash them or you just let the bacteria into the egg, the goose seem to build individual little nests around each individual egg, Buffie thinks it’s the sweetest thing and now that they are laying I think they have redeemed themselves in her eyes. For a while there she decided they were annoying, noisy, food gussling birds that sometimes ate some grass.

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