Treadle Tie-up

Firstly, sorry about the sideways photos, strange things happen when you upload photos with various programs from various other programs and I’m too lazy today to try and fix it. So on with the story.

This tie-up was actually done, prior to me threading the heddles and sleying the reed. My intent was to to just try and figure out how it all worked. The result is that I now have 2 treadles tied up, working 4 shafts (two shafts per treadle). It’s the most basic tie-up in my weaving book so seemed like the best bet for my first try. However, the first photos are all from me and Craig playing around with things prior to getting my book. We were attempting to tie up all six treadles to see what they would all do, it was a fun/frustrating experience that did give us a better idea where all the cords were connected etc. 

The loom came with little hooped bits of metal that had sticks of bamboo threaded through them, I’ve ditched those, re-drilled some of the holes and now the cords can be put through the holes and pegged underneath, it mostly just looks neater imho. We also ended up removing all the cords that we were not using for the basic tie-up.

The resulting sheds (now that it’s all warped up) look like this:

The entire shed is only about an inch or so wide, not nearly big enough to pass a shuttle through and the warp threads aren’t separating evenly in the first shed *sigh* now I have to figure out how to fix that.

Maybe I’ll just go back to looking at pretty photos I’ve taken of the frosty farm morning 😉


4 responses

  1. Countermarch treadling is it? I have enough trouble with counterbalance, my loom has the bits for countermarch but for the life of me i can’t figure out how to set it up in countermarch.

    Good luck with the warp and getting a better shed


  2. I strongly recommend you purchase either of the following (leaning more to Becky’s video):

    Becky Ashenden: dvd Dress your loom the Swedish Way (

    Joanne Hall: Tying up the Countermarch Loom

    available from either the book link on Becky’s website or directly from Joanne Hall, here’s a link to countermarch info from her website:

    I just returned from a week long weaving class with Becky and can’t say enough about her dvd, it saved me tons of heartache. I just purchased a used countermarch and learned easily and quickly how to tie it up and how to get a good shed.

  3. There’s something rather familiar about this one inch shed. That’s where I started from.

    How did I fix it? Can I remember – just thinking a moment here.

    I know I just played with everything, I did things like sitting under the loom, operating the treadle with my hand and looking to see what happened. What stopped the lams moving up or down? I had treadles hitting lams and lams that hit shafts. I changed the height of the lams and found they worked best (on my loom with equal spacing between treadle – lower lam, lower lam to upper, and upper to shafts. I also learnt that there has to be a bit of slack in the upper lam cords, but no slack in the cords to lower lams. You’ll find more stuff about loom tie-up on my blog, but you might have read it already?

    Hope some of these thoughts help a bit, keep at it and have fun!

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