New Loom *squee*

So I like my rigid heddle loom and all, it’s cute, but it’s not a serious loom really. I will still be using it to play around with things, colour, fibers etc and I would like to complete a bunch of projects in it, but well this other loom followed me home and is now happily sitting in pride of place in my… bedroom, well the craft room was full ūüėČ

But seriously, it’s a¬†Loman brand, 4-shaft floor loom, made in New Zealand. I’m the third owner and very happy to have it. I have no idea how to even start using it really, but I’ll get there eventually.

These are the photos from the ad, I had the pleasure of seeing it warped up, had a very short turn at using it and helped to roll off the finished project. There is still a few meters (the previous owner thinks) of yarn still on the loom and we¬†valiantly¬†attempted to keep it warped up so that once I got it home I could just launch right into playing with it,¬†unfortunately¬†it was the wrong size to fit into our car in a few important dimensions and we had to fully¬†collapse¬†it which meant un-warping it (the yarn is still on the back beam thing, just not in the heddles). We have no idea how to hook the treadles up properly yet, but then we haven’t really sat down to plat with it, I say “we” because Craig has been helping me every step of the way so far.

I should stop posting now and get a move on, I have an acupuncture appointment РI used to have my legs waxed and then decided that it was crazy paying someone to put me through that much pain on a regular basis, so now why am I letting someone else stick me with needles?


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  1. Hello,
    I have a question about your loman loom, there is one for sale near me, at a good price but I am a novice weaver, with a four shaft table loom, did you find it hard to go from a table loom to the loman, and is there any thing that I need to be aware of with the loman loom? I know your post is a while ago now, and I don’t know if you still have this loom, but local weavers are a bit hesitant about the loom as it is not one they know much about.

    • Hi Stella
      I haven’t used this loom in a long while now. I didn’t have too many problems with it. Using a floor loom is very different from a table loom, you will have quite a bit to learn but you should be able to pick it all up like I did from various weaving books, old ones are really good. I had some instructions specific to the Loman given to me, if I can find them I can scan and email them to you if you like.

      One thing, the Loman does take up quite a bit of room and you will need to give it a good service, which is a fantastic way to learn how it all works.

      Good luck

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