A knitting update

I’m a bit slow on the craft blogging part of this blog at the moment but here is a little of what we’ve been up too.

Craig has been sick recently so is making good progress on his first sock knitted using magic loop on my knit-picks needles (purchased through Vintage Purl in NZ).

Since this photo has been taken he’s actually just about finished the leg (the ones I knitted for him were 11″ long, he wants these even longer). He may need to get sick again when he starts on the other foot though 🙂

Now I had decided to start myself a raglan top-down jumper (my first). I got this far:

And decided that it would look horrible as it’s all in garter stitch and I had no idea what I was doing and where the garter stitch would end in the jumper and the stocking stitch start once I joined it in the round. So a did some tinking (that would be knitting backwards) and began all over again in stocking stitch. I also stuffed up the first lot of increases and they looked messy so I’m not too upset about starting again. I’m doing a V-neck and I think I’ll pick up stitches around the neck once I’ve finished and knit on at least a small ribbed border to match the sleeves and waist.

Also, my knit-picks needles came in a horrible clear plastic zip case that was horrible to try to organise in so I went hunting to see if I could do better. A trip to The Warehouse resulted in a binder with a few pockets, ring binder and notebook. I added a display book that clipped into the binder for loose pattern sheets and some zip-lock pockets (from diary organisers) that also clipped into the binder and now everything is nice and neat, accessible and portable.

There is even a mesh zip pocket to put my stitch markers, stitch counter and measuring tape etc and nice business card pockets that fit my ruler, sewing neddles & crochet hooks, a pen holder for my two pairs of bamboo DPNs, a pocket that fits the little plastic pocket I have all the changeable needle tips in (and a larger zipped pocket behind all that for misc bits. The plastic zipp-lock pockets hold all my circular cable lengths nicely.


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