We have moved!

Not only have we moved from our 1 bedroom studio apartment, but we’ve moved into a 5 bedroom house on a total of 10 acres (I think I may have mentioned this was happening), we have gone from a 2 people and 1 cat house to 2 cats, 4 people, 1 horse, 4 geese, 2 ducks, 5 chickens 2 roosters and are currently baby sitting the sweetest week old Suffolk lamb.

Now as soon as I find the box with my cameras I’ll take some photos to share the wonderfulness that is our new home. 

We’ve been moved in for 5 days and already started on the big gardening plans. I’ve cleaned out the little green house near the house ready to start our spring seed raising, we’ve plotted out the large vegetable garden (made up of 4 plots and 8 beds which will rotate on a 4 yearly cycle). The entire experience is amazing. Banking the fire over night and bringing it back to life in the morning when I get up, popping on a jacket and gumboots and wondering down to the chook house to let them out. They aren’t early morning layers we’ve discovered, nor are they producing many eggs, but the joy of having them is enough for us right now.

It’s all very exciting, and I’m totally exhausted and have to run now to give Fern (the lamb) her last feed before bed.

One response

  1. Glad to hear the move went well & you’re feeling at home! Yay for having space & the possibility of self sufficiency.

    The chooks probably won’t start laying much until the weather warms up in spring; ours tend to drop off during winter & lay more in spring.

    Miss you guys!

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