So much to tell you

We have been so busy since my last post, so this one’s going to be a long one with lots of photos, no actually, I’m going to do a few posts and just back date them 😉

But for today’s post… We are moving! We’ve found a 10 acre rental property just 20 minutes walk from our current location. The landlords are lovely and keen for us to do whatever we want (as long as we pay for it and don’t expect them to, which suits). It’s a very exciting time. There is a 5 bedroom house which we will share with Buffie and Kain. There will be a craft room and an office so lots of space for everyone. Buffie will be bringing her horse Sparky, there are already some chickens, roosters, geese and ducks on the property. We would like to add to these flocks and also introduce some sheep and possibly a cow, and I do believe Buffie mentioned she’s going to buy me an Angora bunny (I think she’s hoping I’ll spin her up some lovely soft yarn, which of course I will – although I might need more then 1 bunny). Anyway… the move takes place in 2 weeks from tomorrow. Before that, Buffie and I will be going to the house to make curtains (the landlords have commissioned us to do them, yay so an entire house of curtains that we get to pick, again, suits). 

SOO EXCITED! At last we will get to put into practice some of our research and book learning, and not on a tiny scale like we have been doing.

Now, look at how our garlic doth grow:


And here you can see the onions and leeks in the other raised bed:

Garlic, onions & leeks

Now for some backdating of posts.



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