Knitting Socks

I’m teaching myself how to knit socks with double pointed needles (DPN). I’m using size 3.25mm needles and 8ply doube knit, undyed, Sierra Lana wool from Manukau yarns in NZ. I have 39 stitches, but I think I only cast on 37… oh dear…

Ahh, so carrying on then… I’m doing a ribbing at the top of the socks knitting 2 stitches and purling 1 (k2p1) – just because I wanted to see what it would look like (and I like it). So I’m trying to follow the pattern from this site.

This is my gauge swatch:


the cast on band (at the bottom of pic) is actually a lot looser then my cast off edge – have to work on this


And this is the start of the process:


(and the pretty bead is very own stitch counter I made yesterday). I’ll take more photos as I go on and have something a little more interesting to show.

I tried to cast on a few times using the crochet cast-on method but had no real success, I was using crochet cotton as someone suggested to me but I think I used the wrong sort, I’ll try this again at some point using waist yarn. I did learn a new cast-on method though from a video on youtube. The video also helps to teach you to knit socks but I found it a little unclear (visually) and not really instructive enough for a beginner so I moved on and googled other instructions.

Ok, I’m off to have my hair cut and styled.


3 responses

  1. Good on you Tracey! Socks are fun to knit. I like to use the Opal sock wool, you get pretty colours and patterns in the knitting, and it wears pretty well. And they make fantastic gifts too.

  2. Sorry Tracey, I’ve only made kids & woman’s socks so haven’t got a pattern for you. There are lots of free patterns on line, just look up free knitting patterns and their should be something that’ll help.

    I read somewhere recently that to strengthen the heals and toes of socks you knit dental floss into them. My kids think that’s a great joke! I’m not sure about the minty smell…

    But it is sad when hand knitted socks wear out so maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

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