New weaving attempt

I just re-warped my loom after a massively long break. I’ve used DMC 100% mercerized cotton as the warp and I’ll be using up that wool from the last botched attempt. I’ve used one new little technique this time for the wastage area at the start of the loom. I’ve inserted one leg of a pair of stockings, changed heddle position and wove in the second leg and then wove in a few (5) rows of waste wool. This will hopefully give me a much neater start to the actual project.


Hopefully I’ll get around to doing some of the actual weaving today but there is going to be a long process first of salvaging the lambswool from the original warp without turning it into a noted mess. Aside from the time it took me to do the first failed attempt at this project I’ve already spent a full day just warping the loom. I’m looking at spending at least that getting the weft sorted out, it’s not actually a task I’m looking forward to but I’ve promised myself and Craig that I will not start any new projects until I’ve finished off the ones I’m already doing. So the sooner I get this fabric woven for him, the sooner I can start my dish towels.

But for now I must go as I have a bathroom to clean before my new bath arrives 🙂


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