Wet Felting Slippers

Craig and I have been asked to be the (Faery)Godparents to our friend Robert and Ines’s daughter Luca (who is a terror on two legs at 18 months). We of course accepted with much joy and I have gotten right into the spoiling stage of things *grin*

I’ve made my first (hopefully) successful pair of wet felted baby slippers (with the carded wool from the other day). 

Photo 1: Rubbing the felt over the new washboard that Craig and I made a few days ago – works amazingly well. Wet Felting on Washboard

Photo 2: I cut the slippers in half and removed the pattern from inside, rubbed them again on the washboard with boiling water and then stuffed them full of newspaper to dry (I’m hoping the paper will help to encourage them to keep their shape, although I’m told wool has shape memory).

Stuffed Slippers

Unfortunately one slipper seems to be a little bigger then the other one, I’m not sure how this happened.

This I noticed when doing this style of slipper was that I managed to get seems around the edges of the slippers, which is now on the base of the feet. I’ve tried to smooth them out as much as possible but I’m not sure if it’s enough. Craig is going to sew in a leather sole to help with the longer lasting but I’m sure Luca will grow out of them before they die.


4 responses

  1. I love the little boots. I am in the process of knitting some boots for winter and have someone add a true sole on the bottom.

    On another subject. I am trying to work towards being self sufficient also. Where is a good place to move, preferably in Ohio to do this? Or what steps can I take in the house where I am now to do that. It might be easier if we were in a smaller place though….lol. Thanks for any help. Feel free to email me.

    Are there any communities in the US that are all self sufficient?

    • Hi there, I’m actually in New Zealand not the US so I’m afraid I can’t help you. If you google for co-housing, evo-village, self-sufficiency etc in the areas you are interested in you might come up with something. As to trying to become a little more self-sufficient you should check out the River Cottage BBC series, look up some books such as ones by John Seymor, and the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ( http://www.animalvegetablemiracle.com/), these should help you get started. If you have a backyard you can really start some intensive small scale vegetable growing.

      Good luck

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