Bed Craig and I have finally finished our bed and slept in it for the first time last night. Craig’s still a little worried about the strength of some parts of it so there will be future adjustments to be made, but we have a bed! We’ve been sleeping with our mattress on our wooden floor boards for a year and it feels so wonderful to finally have a bed upstairs, and even more so because we made it ourselves. As I’ve mentioned, the bed was made from recycled Rimu. The timber itself was once part of the old farmhouse here in Earthsong. The final touch was the oiling, we used 3 coats of Danish oil, whipping with a cloth after the first and second coats and then with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. I did a final sanding with the 600 grit paper after the last coat had dried. This gave the bed a really smooth finish and removed some of the glossy look (which we didn’t like). The wood itself did something I hadn’t expected, and that was that some pieces have turned out a darker colour to the rest. I’m very pleased this has happened as I adore wooden furniture with a variation in wood and colour.Made bed

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