New Kayak

We picked up our new Kayak and took it out for a test run – not to self, never go out when the tide is receding. Kayak The kayak is a Cabo, Ocean Kayak brand. It’s second hand and already has the fittings for some fishing gear (which is the next item on my list of purchases). This trip out was truly an adventure, some of which I would really rather not repeat.We had some stunning views of the landscape from the water, one day I would really like to feel happy about taking my SLR out on the kayak with us. Auckland City  
So anyway, we had been rowing out into the harbour from the bottom of Lyncon Rd and decided it was time to stop and have a bit to eat and admiring the view. Craig eatingShells
Pose for a picture:Us Which all turned out to be a silly idea because the tide was going out rather quicker then we expected and we ended up knee deep in ocean bottom, dragging the kayak to deeper waters, this was not fun, I did manage to keep my cool and not get overly stressed or freaked out, but it is an experience I NEVER want to repeat. Our feet took a few scratches but nothing major and we got a bit muddy, but finally we made it back to water and paddled our way back to the car – and at least we have a story we can tell 🙂Mud! I really am very keen to get some fishing rods, so that the experience can be both fun and profitable.

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