Eco-Day 2008

We went along to the Waitakerie Eco-Day yesterday, it was a small event compared with Melbourne’s Sustainability Expo but we enjoyed ourselves. We had some really delicious ice cream and samosa’s (sp?) and I had a great deal of fun playing with my camera. The highlight of the day I think though was the Pole Lathe we discovered.

Pole Lathe

John from the eco-village near Koanga Gardens was demonstrating how to use the pole lathe. It’s fantastic, works really well and requires no power source except your own treadle power (like a spinning wheel). The items in the foreground are all made on this lathe and we watched him quickly turn a lump of green tree stump into a chair leg and another into drum beater (for an Irish drum). We now have plans on making one ourselves. John runs workshops on how to use and make one (at the end of the day you go home with the finished product) which might be interesting, Craig is keen to just give it a go ourselves, so we will see what happens and what the result is.

Other then that things have been a little slow round these parts. The bed is still coming a long well, the head is currently sitting in the lounge room. All the bits except for the slats have been sanded and connected so it’s really a matter of oiling and making the slats. I’m hoping we might actually get around to this during the week so that come the weekend, we will have a beautiful new bed to sleep on.

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