The Bed.

I can’t believe I forgot to post these images! Craig and I had a little dilemma in our bed making process. We had two very long pieces of wood for the sides of the bed, we had decided we wanted to use floating tenons to connect these pieces to the bed, well the only problem with that is we needed to put mortises in the ends of them. So how did we solve our dilemma? We took the router, clamps, jig, power cables and the wood out to the common house balcony and hung it over the edge 🙂




I had to build a safety barricade (with chairs) around the worksite to ensure nobody got anything dropped on their heads. But as crazy is it seems, it did the job. We’ve now finished the mortises and tenons for all the large pieces and just have the decorative work (you’ll understand when you see the final pictures) and the slats to do. We are hoping to knock most of it off this weekend, or at least I am and Craig just might find himself chained to the workshed 🙂

And here’s one of Craig in the workshed working on a tenon.



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