Beans Pod, Butter and Tomatoes

Well my gardening plans have been a little foiled of late, the new patch I was about to start working in has a family of paper wasps living in it. I hate to kill them just because I happen to want to use that spot (ok and going near them scares the dickens out of me) so I’ve decided to pass the spot over for a little while.

In the mean time, I’ve harvested some of my climbing bean seeds:


from about 5 or so beans I have about 25 seeds, this isn’t nearly enough for a full supply of beans but it’s a good start and I have a few more pods maturing up for seed collection.

I believe I mentioned my awesome Christmas present from Buffie, a set of butter paddles, well they are wonderful and I love them and they certainly make the process of getting the liquid out of the butter way way easier.

Tracey & Butter butter

I used 4 bottles of organic cream and made about 4 small tubs of butter (probably around 100-150 grams each, I forgot to weigh them). I didn’t add any water to this batch of butter but did and quite a bit of salt (to help preserve the butter). I placed 3 tubs in the freezer and have just been removing them as I need, we seem t be going through about 1 tub per week but I’m also not doing any baking which of course would gobble them up much faster.

I’ve purchased some freezer blocks to place in the bowl with the butter churn to keep it nice and cool and also to sit the finished butter on while I work each block. I was finding that each new block was a little softer and took a little longer to firm together and get out all the liquid otherwise.

My little hanging basket of cherry tomatoes are starting to produce more tomatoes now, I think I will have harvest about a punet’s worth by the time the finish. Not a great many but they have been lovely to just pluck off as they ripen and put straight into your mouth, fresh, warm and juicy.


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