EasitYoI have an EasiYo yogurt maker (thermos style) and have been using the EasiYo powdered stuff to make our yogurt, it tastes great and has a nice thick consistency, but I don’t want to buy packets of powdered stuff as a rule. Last night I made my first attempt at making yogurt without the sachet. I poured almost a full liter of milk into the EasiYo container, added a teaspoon of yogurt from the last batch in the fridge, this is the starter for the new batch, poured boiling water into the thermos up to the red bevil, placed the container inside and sealed it up. This morning I took out the yogurt and had a look, result: great taste, a little more mild then the original starter but only a little, a bit too watery, sort of between drinking yogurt and full set yogurt consistency. It’s definitely passable for breakfast use but I would prefer a more solid set.

The next batch I try I will heat the milk to boiling point, let it cool to room temp, remove the skin and proceed as above. I’m not sure if this will make a difference but heating the milk like this is mentioned on several sites about home made yogurt. If that doesn’t yield good results I’ll try using more starter and see how that goes.


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  1. heya tracey,
    it’s good reading about your new home in nz. david is trying to make some similar things happen along the community lines here at utopia.

    anyway back to the yogurt. i used to add extra milk powder to the mix to make it thicker. i think this is how the better commercial ones do it, a higher fat content. the cheaper ones just use gelatine, not a great way to go. good luck


  2. Ok, I really have no clue how to make yogurt, but my sister does it and I know that she heats the milk to a specific temperature and then maintains it for a specific amount of time. I don’t think she uses any powders, just saves some from the previous batch for a culture. She has a similar thermos style yogurt maker. She was finishing a batch once when we were visiting and it was SO good!

  3. Gidday Tracey!

    I have a little treasure called the Caspian Sea Yoghurt Bug. If you come down south or have a friend passing our way let me know and I’ll give you some.

    It’s apparently very good for you and it’s so easy to make yoghurt from. You don’t need to heat anything or buy anything new apart from preserving jars and milk.

    It’s a living bug like your sour dough, so you have to care for it well and share it with friends. I’d post you some but it can only be out of the fridge 8 or so hrs without attention.

    We make ours with raw milk but it also works with the pasteurised – homogenised versions too.

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