Long weekends

We just finished up a long weekend, spent in the way that I most love to spend them. Day 1 we went off on a drive north to Waipu for an antique fair which turned out to be a very little fair with not a great deal of interesting stuff, although Craig did pick up a metal working lath (?) from the antique shop around the corner:

lath   lath

Day 2 was spent lazing around in the sun doing mostly nothing, I say mostly because I finished my first ever ball of handspun.

Niddy Noddy (on the niddy noddy prior to a hot and then cold bath)

Ball of handspun (all rolled up ready to use)

It’s not the greatest ball of yarn ever I must admit, but it is my first, I am self taught and so to me it’s great. I’m still trying to decide what to do with it, should I knit or crochet and would should the something be?

Details: WPI = 10-11ish

Weight = 90 grams (no idea how many meters)

This was spun from Ashford roving that I purchased a long while ago and now I can’t remember what type of sheep it’s from (Coridale maybe?)

I believe this converts to somewhere in between a Bulky and a Double Knit/Worsted Weight yarn.

Day 3 of our weekend was the really productive one. We spent the entire day (after brunch) in the workshed building our bed. we have not cut and dressed over half the wood we need for our design so we are making great progress (ok I will admit that a few pieces were ones someone else had dressed a while ago and said we were welcome to use as he’d finished with them). The bed will be made from mostly recycled Rimu (sp?) with only the unseen parts (slats etc) possibly being from other wood. We forgot to take any photos yesterday but when there is something more interesting to see then pieces of wood I’ll take some and post.

However, today is a normal day and there is housework to day, washing to be done and gardens to plant.

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  1. Thank you so much Leigh, I had no idea until I got that award that you read my blog, I just thought I read yours and then I’m reading through my RSS feed and here is an award from you in my blog! You should have seen me preening like a prize hen 🙂

    Tamara, thank you also for you praise, I’m already working on a new ball of wool and it’s already a huge improvement on the first as far as consistent tension goes and much less over-spinning too.

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