Oh my! 2 weeks since my last post!

I’m horrified to see that I’ve let two weeks slip past without posting!

Well to make up for it, here is some pictures of the potatoes I just harvested this morning. I replaced them with a late season  crop of “Rainbow Beans”, sorry about they graininess of the photos but I had to use my old camera phone as I can’t find the digital camera. Also on my list today is to bag the heads of the onions to save their seed, transplant some marigolds and sort out and store the seed potatoes for August planting – but I think I’ll wait for this evening and a bit of cooler weather first.


potatoes 2

What else haven’t I shared with you? Ohh, I just got my invitation to Ravelry a web site for crafters, it’s a very cool site, I had to wait about a week for my invite and it was so worth it.

Ok so in the workshed we have been finishing off the router table (which means we can get on with building our bed)

Tracey at work

Craig playing with the router

The table is now fully complete, painted and everything.

On the cooking front I’ve made two batches of preserved plums, 1 batch of peaches, 1 batch of rhubarb and two batches of tomato pasta sauce. I have enough basil to make some pesto and cream to make more butter (I was given two butter paddles for xmas which I’m very keen to play with).


Peaches(soooo yummy)

And finally my two boys doing what they do best:

Craig & Bootlace (note the very cool Utilikilt Craig is wearing)

I’ve just finished spinning my second bobbin of fleece and as soon as I get my hands on a lazy kate (or make one) I’ll be able to spin it into my first 2ply. I’m so excited to see how it comes out, I know it’s far from perfect, over spun, inconstant  thicknes, slubs etc but I’m still excited.

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  1. Hey, I would love to get you guys to write something about your experiences, and I’d publish it in out monthly Newsletter.

    The basic idea would be for you to write a some sort of “intro piece” that would give people some context for what they read in your blog.

    – CJ @ Utilikilts

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