Yick and stuff

So I’m sick and have been for the last two days, I hate head colds! No really, head colds are the worst, you get all foggy and snuffly and sneezy and tired and you unquenchably thirsty and whiney and I’ll stop now.

Mostly I’ve sat on the couch and watched tv (well DVD’s of tv shows really, anyway), but I have also done a few crafty type things, I’ve started up my spinning wheel and complete one and a half bobbins of my first batch of wool. My biggest problem seems to be overspinning, my foot goes too fast for my hands and the wool gets too spun – but I’m getting there.

I’ve also started warping up that big weaving project I’ve been planning since before I left for Oz – and it’s kinda a nightmare and is sitting in that almost started warping state for a few days now.

My new drum carder arrived (very excited) and I’ve done a little preserving of plums and peaches. I had plans for pears and rhubarb (yuck – but Craig likes it) but just haven’t been up to it. There is some stuff and there are some photos and now I’m going away because I’m really grumpy.

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